• Anonymous asked : WHen CJ gon drop sum? i fucks it this pro era shit



  • Anonymous asked : where can I get joeys album tomorrow offline bro?
  • Anonymous asked : not really a question just my opinion. Yall Are So Real and amazing with that real hip hop flow all of yall Love from Reno NV ProMuthaFuckin Era 1999 in a couple days cant wait

    Appreciate it homie !


  • Anonymous asked : Yall need to hurry up nd come to Brazil

    OOOH DEF. =] “ROKA”

  • Anonymous asked : BADA$$, you quit the tree, ive been smokin 3 years same age, i freestyle alot write sometimes but you think tree hinders lyricism?

    The Flower of Life is sours.



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  • Anonymous asked : Last time i checked yah was earler and yah had sum different name links at the top wah happen to "YEN" and other names that disappered??

    EVOLution homie.

    What DID happen to Yen?

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  • amanueladam asked : U guys brought hip hop back! Much love from Sweden!

    We’re bringin it back. It’s not fully on the forefront yet. Yahmean?


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  • onlyogcontent asked : That new Dyemond is tight.

    thanks pro

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  • apelifeknotty asked : i was at the free show on the 7th .. who was the shorty that performed with yall , she was dope !

    T’nah Apex

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  • Anonymous asked : Yo when that 1999 joint drop?


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  • deltapointe asked : Listening to y'all in New Orleans. Keep making good hip-hop. Y'all's music is refreshing.

    Appreciate it homie 


  • bluntpoint asked : When you comin to London?

    In due time dawg !


  • Anonymous asked : yo, heard about yall bout a week ago. im 14, and this is some of the realest hip hop ive heard in a long fuckin' time. you guys can spit AND you've got a cool fuckin style to back it up. plus you're reppin new york which is an automatic + 10 points. keep doin wat you do. peace.

    Respect homie, appreciate the support !

    Make sure you download 1999 on June 12th !


  • Anonymous asked : Pro Era x Flatbush Zombies anytime soon?

    In due time homie


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  • kaptainsavahoe asked : big fan gotta yall too real keep it up hope to see yall at SXSW to represent BK juu hurdd

    Offcour$e next yeeeeeeerr